School Safety Conference

Thank you for attending the presentation. We hope everyone received information to help them to be safer and more confident in their school laboratories.

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Please e-mail us if you would like copies of our Laboratory Inspection Sheets, Chemical Inventory Forms, Dangerous Chemical Lists or have any questions.


We are also happy to review your inventory list or visit to help look at your chemicals.

MIT Virtual Campos MIT has developed this "Environmental Virtual Campus" ("EVC") to assist students, staff, and researchers with campus environmental management practices. The site is organized around nine typical areas on a campus that are normally subject to environmental regulations.


US Environmental Protection Agency - Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign (SC3).


Green Chemical Alternatives Purchasing Wizard is a web-based tool created by MIT. The wizard is a guided process that allows the user to search from a select list of solvents commonly used in the laboratory, and the associated process. The Wizard identifies less hazardous and more environmentally benign chemicals or processes.


Green Chemistry Experiments for High Schools developed by Union University in Tennessee these green chemistry manuals offer lab experiments that use less hazardous chemicals.


Least Toxic Chemistry Labs: King County, Washington features a curriculum that discusses a hazard-free lab. The curriculum is designed for high school chemistry classes.


Green Chemistry Institute: American Chemistry Society provides activities and resources on green chemistry. Some of the resources include lesson plans and textbooks.


National Microscale Chemistry Center describes microscale chemistry, the equipment, and benefits.


Science Safety Information Guides were developed by the Council of State Supervisors with support from other organizations. The site contains separate guides for elementary and secondary science teachers on general science safety.

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